April 23, 2019 01:33:51 AM Skyve Gunther asked:
Should I buy bitcoin?
April 22, 2019 11:53:25 AM Dani asked:
I feel I’m tired to finish my studies. Should I give up now?
April 22, 2019 03:16:29 AM Steven Nadler asked:
What should I do with my tax refund?
April 17, 2019 11:51:06 PM Andrew asked:
What should I do about my job situation?
March 31, 2019 03:54:37 PM Cynthia asked:
How do you help child with dyslexia with reading skills?
March 31, 2019 11:27:10 AM Gigigi asked:
Amazing double date. He has sent me a friend request on facebook. Should I write him now?
March 30, 2019 08:04:34 PM Brian L asked:
I'm going to Hawaii! What should I do when I'm there?
March 26, 2019 07:20:19 PM Sergio Ventura asked:
What Should I do now that I'm single?
March 23, 2019 02:57:51 AM Skyve Gunther asked:
Whose advice do you follow more, your parents', friends’ or your colleagues'?
March 21, 2019 01:03:44 AM Skyve Gunther asked:
I want to protect the environment, but I don't know how. #WSID?
March 13, 2019 08:24:20 PM This Guy asked:
What team is going to win the Champs League this season
March 07, 2019 04:40:18 AM Nicole asked:
What should I do?
February 27, 2019 01:30:25 AM Skyve Gunther asked:
What are some of the biggest challenges you have faced?
February 26, 2019 04:23:03 AM Skyve Gunther asked:
What are tips you would give to aspiring leaders in the workplace?
February 21, 2019 11:31:25 PM Vanessa Broderick asked:
What should I get my nephew for his birthday?
February 19, 2019 11:17:31 PM Melissa lee asked:
Why does my chest hurt
February 19, 2019 10:03:11 PM Stephanie Irvin asked:
What should I sing at kareoke tomorrow night?
February 17, 2019 08:29:05 AM David Johnson asked:
I have a hard time attracting women I don’t know what im doing wrong #WDID
February 16, 2019 01:11:05 PM Brian L asked:
3 day weekend. What should I do?
February 14, 2019 08:20:07 AM NeoNeo asked:
Should I deactivate my facebook?

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